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Accounting Property Management Software

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Accounting Property Management Software

RedSandz Property Manager™ includes a completely integrated accounting system that allows you to track all the financial details of your business. With drill-down reporting you can view all your properties financial details from a high-level portfolio view down to the fine grained details of each property.

With Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payables, Budgeting, General Ledger, Automated Invoicing, and the ability for the system to automatically send monthly statements to your owners (without you having to manually send them), you will stay ahead of your work and be free to dedicate your time elsewhere.

Accounting Features Include:

  • Automated Invoicing. Send monthly invoices to all your tenants, or only those you select, on the day you choose prior to the end of the month. For example, if you tell the system to send invoices 5 days prior to the end of the month, the system will calculate the day of the month, 5 days prior to the 1st of the next month, and email out all the invoices for the coming month. Our Accounting system automatically integrates all necessary journal entries for these invoices and tracks their progress for you.
  • Automated Late Fee Invoicing. If there are any unpaid invoices, the system automatically creates and applies the late fee, based on the lease settings, and will send the Late Fee invoice to the tenant for you. Additionally, the system will automatically update the tenant's "Notes & Communication Log" for you. All Late Fee invoices are automatically created with the appropriate journal entry settings, so when paid, the appropriate accounts get updated properly.
  • Automated Finance Charge Invoicing. If there are any unpaid invoices that have a Finance Charge setup for the lease, the system will automatically create a Finance Charge invoice and email it to the tenant. All Finance Charge invoices are automatically created with the appropriate journal entry settings, so when paid, the appropriate accounts get updated properly.
  • Memorized Invoices. For unique tenants such as Government Tenants, you can create one invoice, then memorize it and it will be included in the monthly Automated Invoicing process. For example, lets say you have a tenant that wants their invoices broken down into "Rent", "Cams", "Utilities", "Janitorial", and "Advertising Expense", but you have another tenant that only wants "Rent", "Cams", and "Janitorial", all you do is create these invoices one time and each month when your automated invoicing runs the system will create a new invoice for these tenants based off of these settings. This allows great flexibility in your automated invoicing process!
  • Barcoded Invoice Coupons. All invoices are printed with a barcode coupon that can be used to speed up the receiving process and minimize data entry errors. This is a great time saver for any company that receives manual payments from its tenants!
  • Automated Rent Increases. Let our system automatically apply the rent increase for you, so you never forget again! The system checks for any lease with a scheduled rent increase and automatically applies the increase for you. The system will then email the accounting administrator to let them know what changes were made, so they can verify them. With our Automated Invoicing, the tenant will automatically get the new rent increase the next time the invoicing runs! Requires NO MANUAL intervention and setting up is a breeze!
  • Double Entry Accounting. System automatically enters multiple journal entries to the appropriate Expense, Income, or Bank Accounts depending on the transaction
  • Electronic Bank Reconciliation. Reconcile all your bank accounts easily and online. Look up past reconciliations in Read-Only status
  • Email invoices and statements to tenants
  • Write and Print Checks, with multuple default check-style options. If you have custom check styles simply use our "Drag 'n Drop" tool to give you the flexibility to place information on your check exactly where you want it!
  • Bill Pay & Register, to enter, track and pay bills for all properties
  • Partial Bill Pay tracking
  • Automated monthly Owners Statements emailed directly to owners
  • Multiple Bank Registers
  • Multiple Check Registers for each Bank Account
  • Journal Entries
  • Set Unique Income & Expense Accounts for individual Properties, or use the pre-loaded Defaults
  • Archiver & Trashbin Utility. All Accounting information is integrated with our Archiving & Trashbin utilities to prevent accidental "permanent" removal of your data. If you delete something and later decide you want it back, simply restore it from either the Archives or the Trashbin.
  • Role-Based permission access to all your accounting information, so only authorized personel can view accounting information
  • Receive money with the easy-to-use invoice lookup tools, or owner lookup tools
  • Budgeting & CAM Management Tools

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