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About Us

RedSandz Technology™ is a unique blend of property owners, investors, managers, and computer specialists, which have owned, operated, and managed Residential & Commercial Properties and Shopping Centers for over 35 years!

Our developers have worked as residential and commercial property managers, which helps them understand and develop more useful products. Our Senior Software Engineer and owner has worked as engineer and consultant for some of the world's top Fortune 100 companies such as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., Tyson Foods, Inc., Sears Holdings, JohnsonDiversey, Intertek, and others.

Over the years, we found most software products for our industry lacked all the necessary features we needed in order to perform our property management responsibilities.

We also found that many CD, or PC based products, and some web-based products, did not allow the customer to grow with his business. These types of software programs often cost more than their sticker price in the long run. We found these products caused higher computer infrastructure costs, higher personnel costs, more hardware compatibility failures and too much downtime transferring data. More time was spent managing the software program instead of managing our properties.

To address these needs, the goal at RedSandz Technology™ became designing comprehensive, useful features for Residential & Commercial Property Managers; resulting in business efficiencies going up and business costs going down.

We built a forward-thinking software product that is web-based and feature-rich for long-term property management. We believe the RedSandz Technology™ software allows you more time to manage your properties instead of your software program.

With RedSandz Technology™ property management software, you can use a MAC, PC, Linux, Tablet PC, or Smart Phone based device, or anything that can access the internet to manage your properties.

We believe the BEST SOLUTION was to create a product that would remain as operating system independent as possible and would remove the IT infrastructure burden from the property manager's worries. You leave the IT responsibilities and problem solving in the hands of the RedSandz Technology™ professional team and you get to focus on growing your property management company.

Our core business philosophy is "Build it useful and build it simple." We believe as you use RedSandz Technology™ property management software you will find this to be true. Try us out today!